What We Do
TV Pro Gear has four business units:
  1. System Integration
  2. Video Equipment Rentals
  3. Production Services
  4. Video Equipment Sales
System Integration: Our staff of video engineers and technicians design, build and install:
  • Video Production Trucks
  • Flypacks
  • Production Studios
  • Television Stations
  • Post Production Facilities
  • Streaming Media Infrastructure
Over the years, we have gained valuable experience that helps us create systems for our clients that are:
  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Reliable
  • Easy to Operate
  • Easily to Upgrade or Expand
  • Professionally Documented
Properly designed and built systems result in efficient workflows. This results in higher quality and happier employees. Employee turnover is reduced. A TV Pro Gear designed and built system reduces “Cost of Ownership”.

Video Equipment Rentals

We rent multi-cameras systems for shooting live events and single camera packages for shooting documentaries and scripted material. Our packages are complete systems so you won’t end up on location realizing you forgot to rent something you needed. Most of our equipment is less than one year old. So you are assured of getting state-of-the-art equipment in perfect working condition.

Production Services

We provide crew and equipment to shoot video productions. With dozens of years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, our team works closely with our clients to make sure their shows look great, sound great and come in under budget.

Video Equipment Sales

We are an authorized dealer for over one hundred video equipment manufacturers. We sell what we use. So our customers can be assured they are buying high quality, reliable gear.

Most of our vendors drop ship directly to our customers within 24 hours. This way, you are assured of getting equipment with the latest hardware and firmware. The savings we have by not carrying much inventory is passed on to you in lower prices.

Buy Equipment Below Online Pricing

Join TV Pro Gear’s Broadcast Buyers Club and get equipment at below online pricing. Did you know that most manufacturers forbid their dealers to advertise equipment below MAP? MAP stands for Minimum Advertised Price. If a dealer violates MAP, the manufacturer will revoke the dealership.

To get around this restriction, we have created the Broadcast Buyers Club. As a member, you will be able to log in to a special section that has prices below MAP. If you don’t see the item there, you will get a special phone number to call to get the lower pricing. The membership fee is $200. However, as a new member, the fee is waived the first year. To join now, click “Broadcast Buyers Club”.