TV Pro Gear is an authorized dealer for all of the top brands. Unlike many other dealers, TV Pro Gear has a staff of qualified video engineers with extensive production experience available to answer your questions.

We represent over one hundred video and audio equipment manufacturers. Join our Broadcast Buyers Club and purchase at below online prices.

Shure dealer
AJA dealer Litepanels dealer Streambox dealer
Swit dealer
Manfrotto dealer
ARRI dealer ESE dealer Marshall Electronics dealer TBC dealer
Auralex dealer Evertz dealer Matrox dealer Telex dealer
AVID dealer Fiilex dealer Matthews dealer
Azden dealer FloLight dealer Midas dealer
For-A dealer Middle Atlantic dealer
Fujinon dealer Miller dealer
Behringer Dealer Gator Cases dealer Mole-Richardson dealer
Bittree dealer Genelec dealer Neumann dealer
Blackmagic Design dealer NewTek dealer
Bosch dealer Harris dealer Whirlwind dealer
BrightEye dealer Panasonic dealer
Brightline dealer PESA dealer
CalDigit dealer Ikan dealer PreSonus dealer  
Canare dealer Ikegami dealer Prompter People dealer  
Cartoni dealer RANE dealer  
ChyronHego dealer Reflecmedia dealer  
Clear-Com dealer Riedel dealer  
Cobalt dealer Ross dealer  
Kino Flo dealer RTS dealer  
Sachtler dealer  
Samsung dealer  
datavideo dealer Leader dealer Schill dealer  
Libec dealer Sennheiser dealer