TV Pro Gear Sprinter Flypack Mobile Studio
The Flypack can be used inside the Mercedes Sprinter or easily removed to get closer to the action. With the optional satellite uplink or microwave, the Sprinter Flypack is ready for the most demanding productions.
3-Wide Mega Flypack Video System
Available with up to ten cameras, instant replay and title generator, the Flypack can be used to shoot and stream live events such as sports, concerts, corporate meetings and Houses of Worship services.
2-Wide Broadcast Flypack Video System
The 2-Wide Flypack is available with up to six cameras, instant replay, title generator and internet encoder. It is designed to be "failsafe" for mission critical broadcasting.
2-Wide Tricaster Flypack Video System
Designed for Churches and Schools, the 2-Wide Tricaster based Flypack comes with four cameras, title generator and internet encoder. The "Sports Version" includes six channels of instant replay & slow motion.
1-Wide Mini Flypack Video System
One wide Flypacks are custom designed to be ultra portable, fast to set up, reliable and easy to use. They are buit for customers with constrained budgets without compromising quality.