1-Wide Mini
One Wide Mini Flypacks are custom designed to be ultra portable, fast to set up, reliable and easy to use. They are buit for customers with constrained budgets without compromising quality.
Mini Flypack System

1-Wide Mini Flypack

Cameras: TV Pro Gear’s 1-Wide Flypack can be specified with HD or 4K cameras. You choose the brand. Robotic cameras are also available.

Switchers: TV Pro Gear 1-Wide Flypacks come with Black Magic ATEM 1 M/E switcher is capable of handling up to 6 cameras. It can be controlled by a laptop or an optional ATEM control panel. ATEM production switchers include memory that lets you download still frames and graphics for keying using the two built in media players.

Titles/Graphics: Titles can be added from a laptop computer.

Intercom: The TV Pro Gear 1-Wide Flypacks come standard with a Clearcom 2-Channel Intercom. Customers can also specify RTS/Telex.

Mixers & Mics: The 1-Wide Mini Flypak comes with a Behringer 8-Input audio mixer. Up to four Sennheiser wireless microphones are optional. An 8X4 stagebox with a 100’ snake is standard.

Routing/Distribution: All devices in the 1-Wide Flypak are connected to a 16 by 16 HD-SDI video router for easy signal assignment. 4K systems use a patch bay. The access panel on the back of the Flypak enables users to feed signals to stage monitors and projectors.

Video Formats: All formats of both standard and high definition can be input or outputted – including component, composite, SDI, HDMI and DVI with the optional Black Magic Teranex Up/Down/Cross Converter.
Power & Backup: The Flypak draws less than 5 amps so it can be plugged into any standard outlet. Should you lose power, the Flypak can run up to 20 minutes on battery backup.

Setup Time: Setup time is drastically reduced because all of the components are contained in a single jig-welded, shock mounted steel frame. This drastically reduces setup time. In fact, typical time from arrival at the location to being ready to shoot is less than fifteen minutes.

Accessory Case: The Flypak is available with an optional accessory case that holds the cameras, tripods, cable reels, microphones and headsets. So, with only two boxes you can shoot anywhere in the world.

Training: Flypack buyers receive in-depth training on all components and the system as a whole. In addition, they are provided with a full set of CAD drawings and manuals (both written and online).

Warranty/Support: Every component in the Flypack and the system as a whole is warranted for 1-year. Extended warranties are available. Our support team is available 24/7.

TV Pro Gear’s 1-Wide Mini Flypacks are surprisingly affordable, highly reliable and easy to use. To get a quote on a system customized to meet your needs, call TV Pro Gear today!


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