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The FLYPAK™ is a multi-camera high definition mobile production system ideal for shooting live events.

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TV Pro Gear™ Flypacks are the ultimate video production service systems. FLYPAKs™ multi-camera mobile production systems are built into a shock-mounted box to withstand the rigors of the road.

Each can be equipped with up to 10 cameras, 8 tapeless recorders and 6 channels of instant replay/slow-motion. A multi-channel intercom with IFB for cuing talent is standard.

Add our "Accessory Box" to hold your cameras, cables, tripods, microphones and intercom headsets. Then with ONLY two boxes, you can shoot anywhere in the world. Plus setup time is typically less than fifteen minutes.

TV Pro Gear™ Flypacks are used to shoot live events from sports, concerts, to breaking news, conventions and church services. Clients who own FLYPAKs™ include NBC, Comcast, and AT&T.

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FLYPAK™ Features

  • Works with 3 to 10 cameras

    You choose the number and brand. Fiber Optional.

  • All recording formats supported

    Go tape or tapeless. P2, XDCam, KiPro

  • Switcher with Multiviewer

    10 to 24 inputs , band of your choice.

  • Four Channels of Instant Replay


  • High Quality Title / Graphics Generator


  • Digital Mixer and Wireless Microphones

    Up to 32 inputs, up to 8 wireless mics.

  • h.264 MPEG-4 Internet Encoder

    Stream live to the Internet in HD

  • Multi-Channel Intercom

    With IFB for prompting talent

  • Teranex Up / Down / Cross Converter

    Input or output in all formats in use worldwide


  • Fast Setup:  TheTV Pro Gear™ Flypacks main system is in one box , allowing for fast set up.
  • Reliability: Competitors use multiple cases that must be connected together at the shooting location. Inevitably an inter-connection cable gets lost or broken.  The TV Pro Gear™ Flypack one box design streamlines the set up process thereby increasing productivity and reliability .
  • Flexibility: All device inputs and outputs go through an electronic router or patch. An access panel on the side of the Flypak™ has multiple Inputs, Outputs and Tie Lines. All this, coupled with the built in up/down/cross converter, means you will always be able to take in or output any format of signal.
  • Portability:  Easy to ship by train, plane or truck. Small enough to fit into elevators, hallways and tight spaces. No special power needed. Runs off of any standard wall outlet.
  • Affordability: Systems can be designed to fit almost any budget without compromising quality. The quality of broadcast equipment has been rising while the prices have been falling, we are able to build systems that are surprisingly affordable.
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TV Pro Gear™ is an authorized dealer for over 100 manufacturers, so we are brand agnostic. While we have our “favorites” in the end, the choice is yours. Below is a list of components that go into making a Flypack:



  • Cameras: Panasonic, Sony, Hitachi, JVC
  • Lenses: Fujinon, Canon, Ziess
  • Switcher: Panasonic, Tricaster, For-A, Sony, GVG
  • Recorders: Black Magic, AJA, Panasonic, Sony
  • Instant Replay: Newtek 3Play, GVG, EVS
  • Title Generator/Graphics: Chyron, Ross
  • Internet Encoder: Viewcast, Digital Rapids
  • Frame Syncs: Black Magic, AJA
  • Audio Mixer: Yamaha, Mackie
  • Microphones: Sennheiser, Sony EV
  • Signal Distribution: Black Magic, Cobalt Digital
  • Intercom: Clearcom, RTS/Telex, Riedel
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FLYPAK: The Right Solution For Every Industry

  • Military
  • Corporate
  • Schools
  • Talk Shows
  • Concerts
  • House of Worship
  • Sports
  • Live Production


“We tried the TV Pro Gear Flypack for one of our national championship shoots in New Orleans. Everything worked great. Sets up quickly, got ...
Phil Smith, Echo Entertainment
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Whenever we need a piece of new equipment, we always contact TV Pro Gear first. Why? Because they consistently give us knowledgeable ...
Rich Travis, President, CoverEDGE,
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“Over the last four years, my crew and I have shot hundreds of video concerts using Flypaks™ built by TV Pro Gear™. We work with top concert ...
Nate Parienti, President of Live Alliance, Brooklyn, NY.
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Our company, Yellow Jacket, produce pay-per-view concert events. We hired TV Pro Gear™ to live stream a 3-city concert tour for Five Finger Death ...
Scott, Yellow Jacket
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“TV PRO GEAR™ provided their Flypak to shoot our TED event held in Manhattan Beach, CA. last year. They were a joy to work with. Everything ...
Marla Z, Producer, TED-X Manhattan Beach
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