One America News Network Washington DC TV Station
One America will get a new news bureau
One America Network recently hired TV Pro Gear to design and build their Washington DC news bureau. The station will be located across the street from the White House. In order to go live in the least amount of time, TV Pro Gear is building the entire station at its Glendale, California facility. It will then be partially disassembled and shipped to Washington, DC for reassembly once the tenement improvements are complete.

Because of the modular design employed by TV Pro, the entire station can be assembled in less than one week – allowing One America to get on the air faster.

TV Pro Gear is building the Master Control Room, Stage and editing rooms. TV Pro Gear’s award winning lighting director and set designer are creating programmable set that can change looks via a simple application.

TV Pro Gear’s design for the station includes a Ross Carbonite 2 M/E switcher, Ross Xpression title generator, Ross Black Storm 4-Channel video server and a Clearcom Pico Eclipse digital matrix intercom. Cameras are from Panasonic.

If you are planning on building a television or IPTV station, call TV Pro Gear today.