US Navy Aircraft Carrier On-ship TV & Radio Station
The USS Gerald Ford will be equipped with an on-ship
television and radio station designed by TV Pro Gear
TV Pro Gear was chosen to design and build the on-ship TV and Radio station for the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford. Scheduled to launch in 2015, the carrier is the first entirely new design in forty years.

The on-ship television station includes a control room, stage and editing facility. Because the height of the stage is limited, special flat, low angle LED lights were utilized. Three Panasonic HD cameras on the stage are connected to a Newtek Tricaster 860 switcher. A Clearcom party-line intercom is utilized as wireless transmission is forbidden on the ship. The same goes for microphones. Wired Sennheiser units are employed. The system is capable of creating complex graphics and includes virtual sets.

The studio has four primary uses:
  1. It will be used by the officers for communicating with the crew in real time as well as for VOD (Video on Demand). The virtual set system enables the officers to enhance mission statements.
  2. It will be used to make a daily “ship’s news program”. With 5,000 sailors, the ship is a floating city with some much going on that a daily program is needed to keep all the sailor updated.
  3. It will be used for creating “best practices” videos. For example, if a sailor were to come up with a new way to service and pump, he could make a video about it. The video then could be propagated to other ships in the Navy that have the same unit.
  4. It will be used for creating music videos and talk shows. Hip-hop, rap, pop, rock & roll, with so many sailors, the ship has bands for every genre. The studio will provide a creative outlet for the sailor while on long missions at sea. The videos will play on hundred of large screen monitors throughout the ship.
TV Pro Gear was thrilled to work closely with Newport News ship builder Huntington Ingalls on this exciting project. TV Pro Gear will continue to provide training and support for the Navy for many years to come.