System Integration
TV Pro Gear designs, engineers and builds commercial and non-commercial radio stations. We also do station upgrades. We are a team of perfectionists who are dedicated to making sure our clients get the best possible system while staying within their budget.

Radio System Integration and Consulting

TV Pro Gear designs, engineers and builds commercial and non-commercial radio stations. We also do station upgrades. We are a team of perfectionists who are dedicated to making sure our clients get the best possible system while staying within their budget.

Our clients include The US Navy, WYLF Radio New York and Pollack Broadcasting. Our services range from “the tip of the microphone to the tip of the tower”. This “scoop to nuts” approach allows the broadcaster to enjoy a sole-source relationship with one project manager who will guide you thru the process painlessly.

Because we are an authorized dealer for over one hundred manufacturers of broadcast equipment, you are assured of getting the equipment that meets your needs without wasting money.

Formatics Consultation
The experts at TV Pro Gear will be happy to provide broadcasters with a neutral opinion based upon countless hours of market and demographic research, not to mention decades of on-air and station management experience.

Digital and HD Integration
The time has come. Digital studios are now the norm, rather than an idea that is financially out of reach. Let TV Pro Gear develop a strategy for Digital Migration that will fit any budget or any market, small, medium or large.

TV Pro Gear has its finger firmly on the pulse of the latest and greatest technology to help your operation stay competitive in the shifting sands of Radio Broadcasting.

New Station Build-Out Built to fit the specifications of your FCC issued Construction permit, let TV Pro Gear take it from there. Our experts will take your needs, wants and desires and make it happen. Utilizing state of the art technology and the most modern approach to “New-Media” integration.

Streaming Radio The fastest growing segment of the market is bringing radio broadcasting to Main Street. We have low-cost turnkey solutions.

LPFM and Translator Services Have a license and don’t know what to do next? TV Pro Gear can help. We want to make your endeavor relevant to the listener.

FCC & Brokerage Services If you want to buy, sell or apply for a commercial or non-commercial Radio Station license, we can help. Decades of experience are standing by to guide you through the process.

TV Pro Gear Radio Clients

TV Pro Gear is a technological leader in the development of Radio Broadcast Media as evidenced by the projects listed below:

  • TV Pro Gear was chosen to design and build the on-ship Radio station for the Navy’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald Ford. Scheduled to launch in 2015, the carrier is the first entirely new design in forty years. The on-ship radio station includes an integrated on-air suite, with a combined editing facility. Because space considerations were extremely limited, we provided three unique streams with different formats that originate from the same automation suite provided by our partners from Arrakis-Systems. The cutting edge leader in Radio Automation and analog or digital broadcast consoles.

  • When Jeff Pearce at WYLF Radio, New York decided to pull the trigger on a complete Broadcast Automation, billing and programming suite; the experts at TV Pro Gear and Arrakis-systems made it a painless process. To meet the clients needs, the entire integration process was completed within a 72 hour timeframe.

  • Lightning devastated the transmission facility for Pollack Broadcasting’s AM & FM co-located facility near Memphis TN. Working with Broadcast Electronics, TV Pro Gear developed a solution, removed old equipment and installed all new AM & FM transmission equipment putting both stations back on the air within 5 days.

  • Building stations from scratch is an art and a science. Building two simultaneously can be compared to herding cats! TV Pro Gear painlessly made infrastructure improvements, consulted two format changes, installed two new studios and trained all personnel inside of a one month window. This project for KHOM-FM and it’s sister station KBMV-FM met and exceeded Tom Ladd’s expectations. An ambitious project with a thrilling conclusion!

  • Rock and Roll front man Scott Gerkin (Modern Day Zero) called upon the experts at TV Pro Gear to develop his wildly successful on-line radio effort, Scott had limited space and little time for a fully functional, state of the art, six position all digital talk studio and producer pit. TV Pro Gear came through again!

The Integration Process

TV Pro Gear is the most thorough broadcast systems integrator around. You won’t find anybody more capable or willing to guide through every process of designing and building a customized system. Our broadcast system integrations specialists follow a 6-step process outlined below.

Step 1: Needs Analysis, Scope of Work, Workflow and Budget

TV Pro Gear’s radio systems specialists meet with you to conduct a “Needs Analysis” in order to have a clear understanding of your goals. From this information, we generate “Scope of Work” document. Next we our CAD program to create a “Workflow” document. Once this is completed we are able to make a detailed equipment list and budget.

Step 2: Design

After signing a System Integration Contract, our engineers create detailed CAD drawings, rack elevations and patch panel assignments for your approval. Once the design is approved we begin building your system.

Step 3: System Build

Once Design and Engineering is finalized, our purchasing staff orders all of the components for your system. Prior to installation, each piece of equipment is tested to make sure it is functioning flawlessly. Only the highest quality wire and connectors are used to build your system. Ever wire is labeled at both ends with a source, destination and CAD reference number permanent label. All cables are dressed in according to military standards and specifications.

Step 4: Installation and Testing

After the wiring phase is completed, our engineers begin the configuration and testing process. Every cable, connector and component is tested and documented to certify that it meets specifications. Every TVPG system is accompanied by comprehensive “As Built” documentation and drawings.

Step 5: Training and Support

Unlike other broadcast video system integrators, TV Pro Gear™ will not leave it up to you to figure out how to operate your new system. Our expert team provides thorough training, and we won't stop teaching until you're finished learning.

Six Reasons

Six Reasons to Have TV Pro Gear Design and Build Your Radio Station. All TV Pro Gear designed systems are:

  1. Designed to be easy to operate and maintain
  2. Able to ingest and output in a variety of formats
  3. Designed to be easily expanded
  4. Built to be “Fail-Safe” with redundant components and battery back-ups
  5. Complete solutions from content creation and ingest to output to the Internet
  6. Fully documented with complete and accurate “as built” CAD drawing and operations manuals.

TV Pro Gear delivers long-term savings because they are built to operate efficiently and reliably. If you are planning to build or upgrade your Radio Station, call TV Pro Gear to schedule a “needs analysis” meeting. Our staff of designers and engineers will create a detail proposal to help you achieve your goals. We can even help you get financing. Call (818) 246-7100.

How to Insure You Send Out The Highest Quality Audio Stream

Of course audio quality is always important no matter what the form of content distribution. However, achieving the highest possible quality when streaming broadcast audio to the Internet is demanding. There are a few things you need to know to make your stream as good as possible.

First of all, bandwidth is a limiting factor. Listeners with fast connections to the Internet will have sharper audio and smoother latency than listeners with slower Internet connections. While you cannot control your listeners’ connection to the Internet, there are things you can do that will ensure that they get they best audio quality possible given the speed of their connection.

Audio must be compressed in order to transmit it over the Internet. All audio is not created equal. Music and natural voice has dynamic differences in the processing requirements to set your Radio Station apart. This is called “air-chain”. TV Pro Gear will maximize the quality of your air-chain, always making your broadcast sound “bigger” than it really is.

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