Andrew Maisner Interview from the 2014 Cine Gear LA Expo

Andy Maisner, president of TV Pro Gear, inside TV Pro Gear's
High Definition Mobile Production Vehicle.

An interview from the 2014 Cine Gear LA Expo at Paramount Studios with Andrew Maisner of TV Pro Gear, a company that specializes in the design, engineering and assembly of television stations and mobile video production systems. In this interview Andrew shows us one of their Mercedes sprinter vans that has been converted for live event productions using their 2-Wide Broadcast Flypack.

Inside each van is one of our Flypacks. You can shoot inside the van or remove it to places a truck can not get access to. They are optimized for different types of shoots.The 2-Wide Broadcast Flypack is available with up to six cameras, instant replay, title generator and internet encoder.

TV Pro Gear’s 2-Wide Broadcast Flypack can be specified with Sony, Panasonic or JVC cameras. Robotic cameras are also available. The cameras are connected to the Flypack by multi-core or optional fiber optic cable. Customers choose from a variety of tapeless recording formats including AJA Ki Pro, Black Magic SSD or Sony XD-Cam. TV Pro Gear 2-Wide Broadcast Flypacks are available with 8 to 12 Input For-A or Panasonic one M/E switchers featuring mix/wipes, multiple luminance and chroma keyers, and PIP. Title/Graphics generators are available from Chyron, Ross or Harris. One or two channels are provided depending on requirements.All formats of both standard and high definition can be input or outputted – including component, composite, SDI, HDMI and DVI. All TV Pro Gear Flypaks are menu switchable between 1080i and 720p. They can even shoot in PAL and NTSC if required.