Looking to the Future
  1. Production tools are getting less costly, smaller, lighter and less power hungry while quality and reliability keeps going up.
  2. The demand for video and interactive content keeps increasing (almost) exponentially.
  3. The market keeps getting more and more fractionalized.
  4. So the total audience for any given show is trending downward.
  5. Smaller audiences put downward pressure on production costs.
  6. Integrating broadcast television with second screen devices such as smart pads and phones is an evolving challenge.
Using the latest technological advances, we are dedicated to increasing the quality and capabilities of the systems we build while at the same time driving down costs.

Clearly, the television industry is moving toward 4K production. 4K images have eight times as many pixels as HD. Also, the frame rate is doubled. The high resolution and frame rates will provide sharper images with more detail on fast moving objects. In addition, it enables the filmmakers to zoom in on recorded material without noticeable image degradation. True, wall sized screens will soon be common in homes. TV Pro Gear will continue to be a pioneer in this transition.

System Integration:
In order to provide the best and most cost effective solutions for our clients, we need to be aware of new technologies and equipment as they come to market. Our staff spends a considerable amount of time and energy reading trade journals, attending trade shows, testing new equipment and consulting with our vendors. This results in our being able to recommend the right design and equipment to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Video Equipment Rentals:
We rotate most of our equipment annual so our clients are assured of renting the most current equipment in factory fresh condition. For the next year, we are upgrading the cameras and recorders that we rent as well as moving into 4K production systems.

Production Services: We have converted the first of our three editing suites to be capable of 4K editing. Over the next year, we will upgrade the other bays as well. This includes installing the new Mac Pro computers and 4K monitors. Also, we will be building a new 6-Camera Flypack capable of shooting at 4K resolution.

Video Equipment Sales: For the next year, we are focusing on expanding the membership in our Broadcast Buyers Club. Broadcast Buyers Club members are able to buy products and below online pricing. We are working hard to make our ecommerce site rich with lots of pictures, specifications and videos.