List of Flypack Customers
This is the world’s first and only 3D Sprinter/Flypack. It is equipped with six Sony PMW TD-300 cameras feeding into a Panasonic AV-HS450 20-input 3D switcher. The switcher’s 3D output is recorded to two Panasonic AG-HPD24 P2 Recorders (left eye/right eye). A two-channel Chyron Lex-3 is being used to create 3D graphics. TV Pro Gear modified the four channel Newtek 3Play425 Instant Replay/Slow Motion unit to do 3D. Wealth has been using the system to shoot boxing matches in 3D for distribution via Pay-Per-View.
NBC-26, located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, uses their Sprinter/Flypak to shoot an average of seven shows per week. They cover baseball, football, basketball, wrestling and track & field events with their six camera system. They also shoot two Green Bay Packers fan shows each week. One of the shows is a Q & A half-hour program with the Packers coach. NBC-26’s Panasonic AG-HPX370 cameras use Volamp fiber adaptors to get long runs back to the Broadcast Pix Granite switcher.
If you are a paint ball fan, you have no doubt seen exciting live coverage of paintball tournaments on the Internet. These one and two day events are sponsored and shot by Dye Precision (the worlds largest manufacturer of paintballs, paintball equipment and paintball clothes). This ten-camera Sprinter/Flypak uses five handheld Panasonic AG-HPX255 cameras and five Panasonic AW-HE120 PTZ Robotic cameras. With paint splattering everywhere, TV Pro Gear equipped the hand-held units with special neoprene covers that can easily be washed after each event. The robotic cameras are equipped with custom made clear Plexiglas housings for protection. The ten cameras feed into a 16-input For-A HVS-350 1.5 M/E switcher.
CMAC’s Sprinter/Flypack is being used in Fresno, California to shoot local sports, concerts and city events. It is also being used by the local ABC and CBS stations to shoot live events. It is equipped with six Panasonic AG-HPX370 cameras on fiber. The cameras feed a Newtek Tricaster 860 Switcher. Because CMAC shoots so many sports events, a two Channel Chyron IP was added. Slow Motion/Instant replay is handled by a Newtek 3Play 425.
TV Pro Gear has two Sprinter Flypacks for our rental clients. These units are used to shoots sports, concerts, conferences and house of worship services. Each unit is equipped with Panasonic AK-3800 cameras on fiber and up to five Panasonic PTZ robotic cameras. They feed into a For-A HVS-390 24-Input 2 M/E switcher. A two channel Chyron Graffiti title/graphics generator is installed as well as a six-channel Newtek 3Play 440 for Instant Replay/Slow Motion. Three AJA Ki Pro recorders enable camera iso recording. Live streaming to the Internet is accommodate by a Viewcast Niagara h.265 variable bit rate encoder. Four Sennheiser EW-112 wireless microphones feed into a 40-input digital audio mixer.
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