Completed Projects
We are dedicated to exceeding our customers’ expectations. We achieve that by using state of the art equipment operated by highly experienced perfectionists. Below is a list of some of the hundreds of projects we have completed. We hope you like them.
System Integration Projects
Built two flypacks using robotic cameras for streaming events. Also built video display system for Dallas headquarters.
Built Flypack for shooting local sports and conferences.
Built Sprinter/Flypack for sports in Green Bay, WI affiliate.
Built turnkey television station in Miami to serve the over 1 million Haitians.
CMAC Fresno
Built Sprinter/Flypack for shooting sports and concerts. Used extensively by the ABC affiliate.
Wealth TV
Built 3D Flypack for shooting Boxing pay-per-views.
One America
Built Washington DC TV Station for News Network.
3Form Media
Built television station for streaming 24/7 to the internet.
Bloomberg Financial - News Network
Built Flypack for shooting events.
Built Flypak Sprinter for shooting and live streaming of Paintball Tournaments.
Dove Productions
Built Flypak for independent production company to shoot live events.
Addicta Films
Built Flypak for Mexico City based company to shoot episodic sit-coms.
City of Beverly Hills
Built system for streaming council meetings in HD.
City of Manhattan Beach
Built system that links three government facilities to shoot, stream, and broadcast city meetings.
Huntington Ingals/US Navy
Built on-ship television and radio station for the Navy's newest aircraft carrier.
The Asian Network
Disigned and installed network operations center.
Rockstars Business
Built Flypack for shooting daily radio show.
Built computer system for broadcast quality conferencing.
GISL-TV4 Trinidad
Built 32' sports truck with Microwave transmission.
iStream Planet
Built Internet Streaming facility used by the Olympics and the NFL.
Carlos Hernandez
Built 4K Flypak for shooting weddings.
Stan Winston School of Design
Designed and built Flypak to shoot and stream live instruction video to Google Hangouts and YouTube Live.
Rentals & Production Services
Shot and uplinked corporate annual meeting.
Used TV Pro Gear Flypak to shoot and live stream video game tournament.
NBC Million Second Giveaway
Provided the equipment to live stream the contest to millions of participants 24/7 for two weeks.
Live streamed doctor's presentations regarding new heart valve.
Live streamed Korn bass guitarist, Fieldy, auctioning a guitar with proceeds going to charity.
Wide Spread Panic Concert
Used Sprinter Flypak to shoot 3-day concert in Denver - uplinked for pay-per-view.
Chinese Network
Shot American movies stars for Chinese National Television.
Sam Soul Productions
Shot network pilot musical variety show.
AARP and Aetna Health
Wii Senior Bowling Tournament from five cities simultaneously via bonded 4g cellular.
Shephard of the Hills
Live streamed Easter Sunrise services.
Spirit Awards
Did all pre-production editing and graphics for awards show.
Blythe Natural Living
Shot over 48 episodes of web series focusing on organic raw foods.
U.S. Dodgeball Association
Shot Dodgeball Tournaments in L.A. and Las Vegas.
Echo Entertainment
Shot World Series Poker Tournament for ESPN in New Orleans.
U.S. Polo Association
U.S. Polo Association Polo Championship Tournment in Santa Barbara, California.
Push-Kick Promotions
Shot and streamed for Push-Kick Promotions Muay Thai Boxing Tournament for live streaming.
Cox Cable/CoverEdge
Mexican Independence Day Parade, Las Vegas NV.
Annie Awards Show
Used Flypak to shoot and stream Animation Awards Show.
Catholic Dioceses Event
Los Angeles, CA - Used Flypak to feed 8 jumbo screens (IMAG)
Bar Rescue
Shot Jon Taffer promo for his new online course and book. Taffer Time.
North Coast Festival - Chicago
Shot 3-day concert featuring Wu Tang Klan, Nas streamed to Event Live CDN.
Blue Ocean Network
Shot Chinese and Vietnamese New Years Celebration shown live in Vietnam.
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