The Live Streaming Cookbook

We live in a world of screens. On the move, people are accompanied by their smartphones, tablets and laptops almost everywhere they go. In the home, they spend hours in front of their PCs, gaming consoles, streaming media devices and smart TVs.

And, today, most enjoy fast broadband connections. As a result, people are consuming more live streamed video than ever. Sports. Entertainment. Events. News. Now, anyone with an idea for a show can take it to a global stage. For video pros, the advantages of live streaming are clear—they can:

  • Connect viewers to content they wouldn’t usually be able to access
  • Gain access to a far wider global audience for their productions
  • Enhance their primary shows with valuable extra content
  • Generate revenue through increased viewership, advertising and sponsorship opportunities

In this cookbook, we’re going to cover the common live streaming scenarios our customers face every day. From here, we’ll give you sample recipes for the equipment you’ll need to make the move into live streaming as well as tips for setting up your productions. (If you would like to learn more about the actual process of live streaming, simply download our whitepaper How to Stream Live Video.)

Get Started.

There are of course countless kit combinations suitable for live streaming. In fact, you may already own or have access to much of what you’ll need. But the following kit lists should at least give you a place to start.